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#41: A Revenue Generating Business VS a Non-Profit

I am a social entrepreneur (taking into consideration a positive return to society), and developed JNP’s brand to fill a need in the education arena—creating a powerful message to kids delivered in a really fun way: EMPOWERMENT THROUGH LITERACY—helping children to grow their inner awesome (self-esteem) through adventures in CHARACTER, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE.


#38: PROVIDE A SERVICE: Educate to Empower

The JNP Project focuses on “inner awesome,” which refers to our self-esteem. Education and knowledge enables personal power, and being a provider of educational information truly is a wonderful “service.” Kudos to ALL those who serve and educate—you are truly empowering! I recently received these two “virtues” cards from one of the JNP Advisory Committee […]


#35: Outer Awesome Color Palette

Our philosophy was to keep this palette neutral in tones so we could add to [exterior] facial and body skin with our “canvas texture,” which would then deepen the opportunity to utilize the exterior imagery as a ‘blank canvas’ ready for each child to express how they may feel and see the characters.



Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.53.19 PM Typically, in most color emotion guides, BLUE has a feeling of trust, strength and dependability, and ORANGE feels friendly, cheerful and confident—all of which we want our JNP customers to feel when they engage in our brand!


#30: Character Development: JAUNTY [the go-to-guy]

Solving problems is one of the quickest ways to gain influence. When you solve problems for people, or resolve a difficult situation another person is facing, you gain trust, confidence and loyalty. You become a “go-to person”—that’s who Jaunty is to Oracle (Jane’s talking pet goldfish, who takes Jane and Jake on adventures to discover […]


#28: Character Development — ORACLE

The World of Jane Not Plain, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, began with Oracle (Jane’s not-so-plain talking goldfish and best friend). Who wouldn’t love a bright orange fish! When we developed our initial marketing phase, we created some plush-toy characters, and Oracle was a hit! We created him in a large and small version, […]

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