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#41: A Revenue Generating Business VS a Non-Profit

I am a social entrepreneur (taking into consideration a positive return to society), and developed JNP’s brand to fill a need in the education arena—creating a powerful message to kids delivered in a really fun way: EMPOWERMENT THROUGH LITERACY—helping children to grow their inner awesome (self-esteem) through adventures in CHARACTER, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE.

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Persistence. Tenacity. Determination. STAYING POWER. (my personal favorite) Ugh! Some days…a LOT of things don’t go right, or just not well enough.           That’s when the going gets tough and the tough get going! Yea, it may all sound “corny” but in all actuality, it’s really on target. There are so […]


#24: Plan for LIFE!—It’s Out of Your Control.

Make sure you plan for “Life!” Plan for the trials and tribulations of the people you surround yourself with; otherwise, you and your business [plan] development will suffer for it. This isn’t a fun [Milton Bradley] game, it’s “real-life business.” One of the most important evaluations, including your own personal life’s assessment of “what it […]


#23: Keep Calm and Process On

DEVELOPING BUSINESS IS A PROCESS—Keep Focused on the END. Understanding that what lies ahead is a process, and creating the steps for process and procedure will ultimately keep you on task saving time, aggravation, and expenses—thinking you can put all in place ahead of focusing on the “end” IS ‘the process.” I have come to […]

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#4: How To PITCH A New Business

Here is what the experience left me with: • an initial review of where my business was, and how to make it a viable start up • a critique of my some-what business plan (they offered to assist me to tighten it up) • a viable report of professional business people’s opinions of my presentation […]

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