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 From the Founder: The JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Project’s Journey…

DonaRudderowSturn-Headshot-2014Thanks for stopping by!

Hello! I’m Dona Rudderow Sturn, the founder and CEO of The JNP Project. I hope you enjoy my blog: my journey as I am building this new brand, and the paths The JNP Project leads us on, together…

If you find any particular topic of interest and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to global discussions on business and building kids’  inner awesome (healthy self-esteem) by nurturing character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+!




  • #3: Research and Moola!! Live conferences inspire me— I always leave full of knowledge and a bigger spark of energy originally had, moving forward—back to Women 2.0 in San Francisco 2013 to investigate options in the digital world, and how female entrepreneurs get “seed” money from “Angel Investors?” Read More
  • #2: EDSHELF? — The JNP APP Library!?! I had the vision. A series of fun, entertaining and educational stories that children would be absorbed into and grow with, positively. An experience in which they could read along; record their own voice; have someone read to them; become one of the characters in the story; listen to music and sing along to. An ... Read More
  • #1: Animation For Apps and Streaming, That’s Right! After reviewing and contemplating the great response from kids, and parent too, on the initial release, I was certain that an animation series for kids television would be a cinch—the characters were so well loved, and the education of self-esteem a no-brainer! Read More
  • So, “Why” a Founder’s Blog? “You just may help somebody to believe in themselves to do something good, do it right, and make a positive difference in not just their life, but in the lives of others!” Read More
  • Well, not so fast… WOW! I was blind-sided… “what about the boys?!?” was the question at every live appearance (as I was often dressed as the Mermaid Princess character in the initial storybook) on: television, in-person mall readings; library story-time readings, B2B marketing events (NYC Toy Fair, Atlanta Toy Fair, Chicago Book Fair), parades, and speaking events at schools. Read More
  • Wrapping your head around the commitment! I took ownership of my commitment. And I then recognized that my deep compassion actually made me very, very happy with “Me!.” Read More
  • So now what do I do with this idea? The Faces of Inner Awesome—a pretty good idea… so what do you do with a good idea? Read More
  • All about “Me!” This is when The JNP Project was born. The understanding of what makes up the faces our inner awesome. Read More

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