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 From the Founder: The JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Project’s Journey…

DonaRudderowSturn-Headshot-2014Thanks for stopping by!

Hello! I’m Dona Rudderow Sturn, the founder and CEO of The JNP Project. I hope you enjoy my blog: my journey as I am building this new brand, and the paths The JNP Project leads us on, together…

If you find any particular topic of interest and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to global discussions on business and building kids’  inner awesome (healthy self-esteem) by nurturing character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+!




  • #33: CHARACTER COLOR PALETTES COLOR PALETTES are an essential anchor tying together your visual recognition image—every color elicits a different response (or feeling) from your viewer. Read More
  • #32: BRAND COLOR PALETTES Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.53.19 PM Typically, in most color emotion guides, BLUE has a feeling of trust, strength and dependability, and ORANGE feels friendly, cheerful and confident—all of which we want our JNP customers to feel when they engage in our brand! Read More
  • #31: Character Development — The MER-TWINS The twins are sixteen-year-old “Royal’s.” Princess Allegro and Prince Adante–the children of the Mermaid Princess. They live in Adventure Castle in Awesome, and are guardians of the Pearls of Power… Read More
  • #30: Character Development: JAUNTY [the go-to-guy] Solving problems is one of the quickest ways to gain influence. When you solve problems for people, or resolve a difficult situation another person is facing, you gain trust, confidence and loyalty. You become a “go-to person”—that’s who Jaunty is to Oracle (Jane’s talking pet goldfish, who takes Jane and Jake on adventures ... Read More
  • #29: Character Development — JAKE The World of Jane Not Plain, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, began with Jane and Oracle… and along came Jane’s TRUE-BLUE FRIEND, JAKE! When we went out for the initial Phase One market testing, we began Jane NOT Plain with just Jane, and the intent was to focus on girl’s esteem. Real-time research (in forms ... Read More
  • #28: Character Development — ORACLE The World of Jane Not Plain, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, began with Oracle (Jane’s not-so-plain talking goldfish and best friend). Who wouldn’t love a bright orange fish! When we developed our initial marketing phase, we created some plush-toy characters, and Oracle was a hit! We created him in a large and small version, and ... Read More
  • #27: PERSEVERANCE. Persistence. Tenacity. Determination. STAYING POWER. (my personal favorite) Ugh! Some days…a LOT of things don’t go right, or just not well enough.           That’s when the going gets tough and the tough get going! Yea, it may all sound “corny” but in all actuality, it’s really on target. There are so many days where I need to stop, take a reallllyyyy deep breath, ... Read More
  • #26: Character Development — JANE (Not Plain) The World of Jane Not Plain, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, began with Jane and Oracle (her not-so-plain talking goldfish and best friend). Read More
  • #25: STORY BOOK [VERSIONS] DEVELOPMENT In today’s world, with the realm of global technology at our fingertips, digital versions are apparent, and print versions are still a need; therefore, multiple file formats need to be created (if you want to reach all the available markets ‘out there’). Read More
  • #24: Plan for LIFE!—It’s Out of Your Control. Make sure you plan for “Life!” Plan for the trials and tribulations of the people you surround yourself with; otherwise, you and your business development will suffer for it. This isn’t a fun game, it’s “real-life business.” One of the most important evaluations, including your own personal life’s assessment of “what it takes” to ... Read More

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