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 From the Founder: The JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Project’s Journey…

DonaRudderowSturn-Headshot-2014Thanks for stopping by!

Hello! I’m Dona Rudderow Sturn, the founder and CEO of The JNP Project. I hope you enjoy my blog: my journey as I am building this new brand, and the paths The JNP Project leads us on, together…

If you find any particular topic of interest and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to global discussions on business and building kids’  inner awesome (healthy self-esteem) by nurturing character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+!




  • #43: INSPIRED BY MOM: HONORING MY MOTHER Still inspired by Mom, I move forward. I hope and strive to fill her shoes… Read More
  • #42: 1st Grader’s Book Report on Jane & Jake’s Adventures Prequel Story The Mom of a First Grade student (6 years old) wanted to share her Book Report with JNP. She wanted us to know (and also to inspire other children to read these wonderful adventure books) that her daughter LOVED Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome books so much (she has the first three), that she wanted ... Read More
  • #41: A Revenue Generating Business VS a Non-Profit I am a social entrepreneur (taking into consideration a positive return to society), and developed JNP’s brand to fill a need in the education arena—creating a powerful message to kids delivered in a really fun way: EMPOWERMENT THROUGH LITERACY—helping children to grow their inner awesome (self-esteem) through adventures in CHARACTER, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE. Read More
  • #40: Sustaining TRUE GRIT, Not Just Passion, Makes a Business. Developing your “state of being” just as you developed your business plan, will lead you down the path of success–commit to you goal. Read More
  • #39: “YOUR PERSONAL” PROFESSIONAL BRAND IDENTITY Whether you are just using a simple photo on a resume or, more importantly, posting “your image” to social media (either professional like Linked In, or personal like Facebook), “that” image IS a representation of how others perceive YOU—so, make it count! Read More
  • #38: PROVIDE A SERVICE: Educate to Empower The JNP Project focuses on “inner awesome,” which refers to our self-esteem. Education and knowledge enables personal power, and being a provider of educational information truly is a wonderful “service.” Kudos to ALL those who serve and educate—you are truly empowering! I recently received these two “virtues” cards from one of the JNP Advisory Committee Members, Biteena ... Read More
  • #37: World Trade Center Institute: Mexican Youth Self-Esteem Open Forum We had a basic overview of some of the questions the kids wanted to review, and were only slotted to be there for about an hour—a few hours later, at the close of our engagement, all the kids were chanting: I am. I can. I will. Empowered. (I did not prompt them at all to ... Read More
  • #36: ICONIC IMAGES—Develop them with a story. The world is full of a rainbow-of-kids, and Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome focuses on the beautiful colors that make up our inner awesome! That’s what we thought about when creating supporting iconic images. Read More
  • #35: Outer Awesome Color Palette Our philosophy was to keep this palette neutral in tones so we could add to facial and body skin with our “canvas texture,” which would then deepen the opportunity to utilize the exterior imagery as a ‘blank canvas’ ready for each child to express how they may feel and see the characters. Read More
  • #34: BRAND COLOR PALETTE SPRINGBOARD Corporate identity can springboard in palette consistency. Read More

CONTACT Us Directly: Dona Rudderow Sturn    |  |  3 Church Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401  |  410-224-3878