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 From the Founder: The JNP (Jane NOT Plain) Project’s Journey…

DonaRudderowSturn-Headshot-2014Thanks for stopping by!

Hello! I’m Dona Rudderow Sturn, the founder and CEO of The JNP Project. I hope you enjoy my blog: my journey as I am building this new brand, and the paths The JNP Project leads us on, together…

If you find any particular topic of interest and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me! I look forward to global discussions on business and building kids’  inner awesome (healthy self-esteem) by nurturing character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+!




  • #53: Core Values & Virtues — SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE VIRTUES (series 4/8) #1 of the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project 1. Speak the Language of the Virtues Language has the power to inspire or to discourage. using virtues to acknowledge, guide, correct and thank awakens the best within us. What are your strength virtues? What are your growth virtues? Read More
  • #52: Core Values & Virtues — THE FIVE STRATEGIES OF THE VIRTUES PROJECT (series 3/8) Caregivers have three ways they can influence children – building relationship, setting boundaries and role modeling. The Five Strategies® of The Virtues Project® offer tools that equip parents to experience success in all three areas of parenting. Read More
  • #51: Core Values & Virtues — EMPOWERING KIDS TO LIVE FULLY (series 2/8) NOTE: This series is written as a GUEST BLOG by our own JNP Advisory Committee Member, Ms. Biteena Frazier — our JNP Ambassador to the Middle East. She is a Virtues Facilitator, and taking on a new position, leaving Annapolis, to go to The English Modern School, Al Koh* Read More
  • #50: Continued Education––Doors Open… (series 1/8) Through my desire to quench my thirst for knowledge, I attend classes with an instructor. Any higher education class is great, but for my limited time availability with a tight schedule, I prefer to attend credit classes at my local college: Anne Arundel Community College. This way, I am building credits and gaining exceptional instruction ... Read More
  • #49: Getting Mind & Body Ready–Be At The TOP of YOUR GAME! Talk the Talk. No: Walk the Walk. If I am going to talk self-esteem, then I better walk self-esteem. “I was 45 pounds overweight, and wasn’t taking care of my body or mind. Why? Well, life sometimes gets the best of us, and “taking care of me” was at the bottom of my priority list.” I had ... Read More
  • #48: Our OUTER AWESOME — Sometimes Seen as a Disease? Jane (close up)A supporter of JNP shared this story with me. I was so inspired at what Mr. Ryan Fritzsche has been doing with his phylosophy of photography, and the perception of our “outer awesome,” that I wanted to share it with you. (article below) Coincidently, the lead character in our kids’ healthy self-esteem series (Jane & Jake’s ... Read More
  • #47: A LOCAL BUSINESSMAN BELIEVES IN, AND $SUPPORTS JNP’S MISSION The JNP Project is at the beginning of a GROWTH CAMPAIGN, and local supporters are helping to kick it off! David Blecman–owner of Positive Negatives, your professional photography experience located here in Annapolis, MD–is a JNP top supporter, along with the wonderful members of the Annapolis Photography Workshop Group, which he founded a few years ago. ... Read More
  • #46: We All Need to Stop Making Excuses Like people of many races, ethnicities and religions in this country, I too have experiences and insight into being raised amidst the challenging circumstances of a poor, American city. I was born in Camden, New Jersey, often said to be the nation’s murder capital. Fortunately, I was raised by two loving parents, who above all ... Read More
  • #45: SHARK TANK: The 200 Word — 60 Second Pitch Since I pitched Shark Tank Saturday, and posted a short outline the other day of my experience, several people have inquired exactly what my content was, and how did I get all the key points about The JNP Project into 60 seconds. Read More
  • #44: JNP PITCHES TO TV SHOW “SHARK TANK” When you think you have your 60 second, 170 word pitch down; your confident that your practice, practice, practice makes perfect — that voice in your head tells you “it’s going to be great!” Then, you draw a “blank!!” during part of the pitch, and stumble your words! Oh, NO! Read More

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